Zachitect Toolbox for Revit®

2017 • 2018 • 2019 • 2020

Developed by Architect for Architect

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All Mask Regions

Unify Level Directions

Super Link Revit

Freeform Family Automation

Scope Box Precise Control

Centre Viewport on Sheet V

Query Element

Selection Matching

Turn On Level Start

Super Link CAD

CSV Topo. Processor

Duplicate Sheet

Centre Viewport on Sheet H

Dismiss Message

Model Elements

Turn On Level End

CAD To Detail Lines

Theme Customisation

View Title Precise Control

Room Dictionary

Plugin Manager

Anno. Elements

Turn On Both

Freeform 3D Processor

All Filled Region

Align Viewports Vertically

Auto Room Parameters

All Lines

Section Scope Box

Turn Off Both

3D Room Direct Shape

Revit Command Line

Align Viewports Horitzontally

Centre Room Location Pick

Rhino to Revit Inter-operability


• Rhino Geometry to Revit Elements

• Documentation Ready

• Editable with Mass Tools

• Assign Material & Category







Link Revit Model • Import / Link Multiple CAD

Smart+ Shared Coordinates (Geo-Location)

NOT Share the Same Coordinate System


Zachitect Toolbox for Autodesk® Revit® 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. Developed by Architect for Architect and bringing great efficiency for large multi-disciplinary projects,infrastructure, and design projects with complex geometries. 

  • Support Revit® 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

  • AutoCAD-Like Command Line Control with 1000+ Revit Commands

  • Auto-response for Dialogues: e.g. Would you like to attach the highlited wall to the roof? No

  • Plugin Manager: Enable/Disable Installed Revit Addins Easily and Safely

  • Inter-operability: Rhino®/Sketchup® etc. to Revit Documentation-ready Elements

  • Freeform: Convert Import Geometry to Ntive Editable Elements and Assign Material

  • Advanced Selection: Quickly Select Elements by Category or Matching Parameter

  • Smart Scope Box: Precise Scope Box Movement and Rotation with Snap to Edge/Corner

  • Sheet Viewport Layout: Duplicate Sheet, Align Viewports, Precisely Move Viewport Title

  • Room Location Tag: Shifting Room Location and Room Tag to Centre in Model and View

  • Room Dictionary: Auto-apply Room Parameters by Room Name by Room Dictionary Entries

  • Smart Shared Coordinates: Link/Import Multiple AutoCAD® DWGs / Revit Model by Shared-Coordinates

  • Smart Shared Coordinates: No More Error Message of "do NOT share the same coordinate system"

  • CAD to Detail Line: Convert Import CAD to Detail Lines of built-in Linestyle

  • Unify Level Start-end Directions and Batch Toggle Level Bubble Heads on View

  • Experimental Room 3D: Extract 3D Mass Representation of Placed Rooms

  • Geo-referenced CSV for Topography: Converts geo CSV to Internal Coord. System for Topography

  • Theme: Changing Revit Ribbon Colours to Match the Weather or Your Mood

Trial and License:

  • Trial: offers 30-days Free Tiral. Addin will stop working after 30 days.

  • License: this addin uses Autodesk® Entitlement.

  • Deployment License & Addin Customisation Available.

About this Version:

Version 2.0.9, 3/30/2020

Zachitect Addin for Revit 2017-2020

  • Revit Command Line Control with 1000+ Entries

  • License Validation Improvement

  • Stability Improvement & Bug Fixes


  • Note: this installer is UAC Compliant and does NOT require Admin access for single user installation.

  • Download the installer MSI (Unblock if needed by Right-Click > Properties > Unblock)

  • Shut down all Revit sessions before installation.

  • Install, please select More Info - Run Anyway if warning shows up.

  • Start Revit, select Always Run in the plugin notification window.

  • Enjoy & follow built-in instructions. 

Known Issue:

  • If you are linking cloud-based Revit Models or DWGs from the Autodesk® BIM 360® server using Super Revit / CAD Link, please perform a Publish of the model to be linked before linking. It will then link the published cached version from BIM360 Drive / Autodesk Desktop Connector. Please perform a Reload-From under Manager > Manage Links and navigate to BIM360/External Resources and link it from cloud address to update the links. The position of the link will be kept.

Release History:


Zachitect Addin for Revit 2017-2020

- Revit Command Line Control with 1000+ Entries

- License Validation Improvement

- Stability Improvement & Bug Fixes


Zachitect Addin for Revit 2017-2020

- New Function: Align Viewports to Sheet

- New Function: Align Viewports Centres

- Improvement: Major UI Changes

- Improvement: Room Dictionary

- Improvement: Duplicate Sheet

- Improvement: UI & Ribbon Layout

- Revit 2017 Compatibility Fixes

- Bug Fixes


Zachitect Addin for Autodesk® Revit® 2017-2020

- New Function: Duplicate Sheet

- New Function: Room Location and Tag to Centre

- New Function: Get Viewport Label Outline for Precise Alignment

- New Function: Auto Room Occupancy and Department by Room Name

- New Function: Room Dictionary - Bug Fixes


Zachitect Addin for Autodesk® Revit® 2017-2020

- Added Function: Extracting ScopeBox Model Lines

- For Precise Manipulation of ScopeBox

- Instruction Updated

- Bug Fixes

- License Verification Updated


Zachitect Addin for Autodesk® Revit® 2017-2020

- Improved stability

- Tool-tip edited


Zachitect Addin for For Revit® 2017-2020 First Release in Autodesk® App Store

- Added Support for Rhino® to Revit® Automation

- Advanced Parameter and Category Based Selection Refined

- Project North Rotation for Advanced Link Tools

- Project North Rotation for Topography CSV Processor

- New Icons UI Design and Theme Customisation

- New Splash Screen and License Verification

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